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April Book Group – Learning to Dance

Date: March 13, 2018

We are going to read ‘Learning to Dance ‘by Michael Mayne. If you like a copy please contact Jill Jeffery or Nicola Pattinson. The discussion will be on 26th April at 8pm. Please ask details for venue.

‘My theme is the dance: the dance of life; the dance of the cosmos, of the natural world and the tiniest particles of matter; the dance of music and paint and words; the dance of those cruel times which feels like dancing in the dark; the dance of relationships, of forgiveness, friendship and love; the dance of faith; and finally, that hidden dance that some call heaven.’

Few writers have explored the borderland between faith and contemporary living more eloquently and engagingly in recent years than Michael Mayne. In Learning to Dance he creates a magical weave of poetry, science and spirituality, touching on the longings, doubts and hopes of all of us.

‘An enchanted and enchanting book. Michael Mayne has brought us through a dance of treasures of nature and a fascinating store of literature, from the mystery of the galaxies to the intricacies of the snowflake.’
From the Foreword by Dame Cecily Saunders