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Big Walk 2018 update

Date: March 5, 2018

Nick Longworth has written a blog reflection on sponsoring people for charity. Not surprisingly, Alison and friends’ upcoming walk on the Pilgrim Way to Canterbury is one of his examples, and he also refers to celebrity Zoe Ball’s cycle ride for mental health support. Here is an excerpt:

“Two challenges are on my mind at the moment, both personal in different ways.

Alison, my wife, is walking the 80 mile Pilgrim Way from Southwark Cathedral to Canterbury Cathedral to raise money to refurbish, rebuild and rethink our parish church in London.

It’s easy to take our urban and community heritage for granted. Churches have always been there and always will be, no? No.

Ours was built with community funds as the railways ushered in the explosion of London’s population 150 years ago. That’s a long time for brickwork, guttering and roof tiles to keep a place of worship up.

The £20,000 the walkers hope to raise won’t pay for everything, but will pay to start the work and, maybe more importantly, will show people what it takes to run a church in a 21st Century global city where we’re all too busy to think, never mind pray.

So, put your hand in your pocket if you care for the community you live in… a church gives it a centre and a heart. Well worth the effort.

The other is a national media fest. Zoe Ball is cycling 300 miles from Blackpool to Brighton for Sport Relief to raise funds for mental health support. She’ll be on Radio Two every morning giving updates and millions will hear about the cause.

She is doing it in memory of her boyfriend, Billy Yates, who took his own life after years struggling with depression. Billy was a close friend of one of my mates, Brad, so that makes it personal.”

There is a link to the church MyDonate page embedded in the article, also to Zoe Ball’s sponsorship page.

The whole article is available as a pdf http://www.smmwandsworth.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Sponsor-a-mate-1.pdf

or you may read the article on Nick’s Blog – or go to his home page

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