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Big Walk 2018

Date: March 1, 2018


Our intrepid walkers, will soon be setting off from Southwark to Canterbury Cathedral, as part of our continued efforts to fundraise for our Buildings Regeneration Fund. This walk will take four days, from 15th March to its culmination at Evensong at Canterbury Cathedral on the Sunday, 18th March.

We are sure there will be some tales, and some good fellowship along the way. Our awesome team of walkers has been practising, including acclimatisation to the extremely cold weather, by walking from the Thames Barrier to Hampton Court, and we have some photos to prove it!


This walk is for a very good cause: the community around us needs a vibrant church, with facilities fit for the 21st century.
The next phase of our fundraising is for physical enabling works, which will allow us to open our church buildings with better facilities for more events and to develop relationships with potential charitable partners. We know that people in the congregation have already given very generously, and we would like to extend this opportunity to friends and neighbours so that the whole locality feels a sense of involvement in our buildings provision.

Please do keep the walkers and all our community in your prayers.

There are THREE ways to give:
1.       Please sponsor our intrepid Walkers as they walk to Canterbury to raise funds to get this phase underway: https://mydonate.bt.com/events/smmbigwalk2018  Remember, they are walking 80 plus miles when you make your donation – not a distance easily done. Those not online, cash or cheques accepted to Alison/Elizabeth our Church Wardens, payable to St Mary Magdalene Church

2.       Please forward onto your own personal networks, family and friends, this link and maybe some of the words above, why we are doing this, how we will use the funds and why you think this is important. While our target of £20,000 might seem a lot to strive for, but not a lot when funding a major rebuilding project. It will get us to the next stage of enabling things to start to happen. – Every long trek starts with the first footsteps!

3.       We intend to use social media to reach out to people as well as keep them informed. Please if you are users of FaceBook and/or Twitter, please follow us/retweet and spread the word. The more followers we have, the more our network on this can grow and help our success. Follow us on Twitter: @smmwandsworth Facebook: Saint Mary Magdalene Wandsworth Common