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Book Group – God Has A Dream

Date: February 5, 2018

Why not come to our book group this Thursday (8th February) at 8pm?*

This month we have been reading God Has A Dream by Desmond Tutu. Even if you don’t have time to read the book between now and Thursday, you are welcome to come along to contribute to what should be a lively discussion.

One review describes this book as “an extremely personal and liberating message of hope and light in dark times. In it, the Archbishop shows how important it is that, even as we face the harsh realities of our individual lives and global conditions, we remember the importance of hope and dreams – for it is on hope and dreams that a better future will be built, and that God’s dream for us will be fulfilled”


*It’s at the usual venue – as that is someone’s home I am not going to publish the address here, but contact us for details.