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Church Urban Fund Poverty Course – starts 13th October

Date: August 22, 2013

The issues surrounding poverty are never black-and-white, but the Church Urban Fund’s Poverty Course brings them into sharp relief.

This five-week poverty course, originally written in partnership with best-selling Christian author David Rhodes, aims to break down the barriers of prejudice and misinformation, stimulate debate and bring poverty in England back into the forefront of public consciousness.  In this course we will:

  • Search for the truth behind the news headlines
  • Think honestly about your own feelings and beliefs
  • Explore how the Bible suggests we should respond to those in need
  • Discover the reality of life for people living on the margins of society
  • Ask yourself: ‘what should we do?’

We’re asking some serious questions. Can our society afford not to answer them?

The course will take place on at 5pm on Sundays 13th October, 20th October, 27th October, 10th November and 17th November.  The Evening Eucharist will reflect on the themes discussed on that particular day.