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Marriage Banns

If you are to be married at St Mary Magdalene, or if you are to be married at another Church of England church and one or both of you are resident in our parish, it is a legal requirement for your Banns of Marriage to be called. Banns will be called over three Sundays within three months of your wedding. This will take place during the Parish Eucharist which takes place at 10.00am every Sunday.

For your banns to be read at St Mary Magdalene, please follow the following steps:

1. To check if you live in the parish, click here.

2. If you live within the parish, fill in and sign the Marriage Banns application form.

3. Return the original form along with your payment to the Parish Office ideally no earlier than three months before your marriage.  The banns fee will cost £43.00.

4. The Vicar will contact you with dates for the three Sundays on which your banns will be called. You are welcome to attend the service to hear them read.

5. After the third reading of the banns, you will be contacted to arrange a time to collect your banns certificate.

6. The certificate should be given to the officiating clergyperson before your wedding.