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Springfield Hospital Visiting Group

Springfield Hospital is a huge NHS Trust in our parish that provides mental health services for most of South West London. Over 3,500 people are admitted for treatment each year. We have developed close ties with Springfield and its Chaplaincy team. A group from St Mary Magdalene visit two wards each week – a psychiatric intensive care unit where patients are rehabilitated prior to returning to their homes, and an acute adult admission ward for those just diagnosed and admitted to the hospital.

The team is 12-14 strong and pairs of visitors go to the wards between 18:15 and 19:15 each Wednesday. We chat with patients, or play cards, scrabble or dominoes. Sadly few patients have other visitors and our company is now much valued by both patients and staff alike. Visiting requires no skills other than patience and empathy – and perhaps a certain tolerance to behaviour which may seem eccentric… A CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check is required to visit (organised by the Hospital) and visitors must be over 18. If you would like to accompany an existing team to see what it’s like we can manage this.

We do need more visitors: if you are interested and would like some more information, please contact the group’s co-ordinator, Richard Sweet. It is very rewarding work and many of us feel privileged to be able to serve in this way.