We welcome all people to our church, wherever you are on your journey of faith. We encourage reflection, question and discussion to help us explore and deepen our Christian faith. We strive to reach the needs of our congregation, the local community and beyond.

Finance and Giving

St Mary Magdalene raises all the money needed for its activities, running costs and buildings maintenance from our congregation and renting our halls. We have neither support from the state nor large reserves to fall back on.

The largest item of our expenditure is our Diocesan quota. This contributes towards the employment costs of our clergy and the wider work and mission of the Diocese of Southwark.

Stewardship is also about the gifts of time and expertise. Please download the stewardship booklet Stewardship: A Guide to Getting Involved

In 2014 our total income was £142,657.

Each month our main sources of income were: % of our total
Planned Giving (Stewardship) £4,892 41%
Gift Aid £958 8%
Open Collections £731 6%
Hall Rents £4,469 38%
Other Income £838 7%

In 2014 our total expenses were £165,110.

Each month our main areas of expenditure were: % of our total
Diocesan Quota £7,752 56%
Church & Services £880 6%
Church Running Expenses £1,617 12%
Maintenance of Buildings £2,150 16%
Hall Running Expenses £1,360 10%


What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is planned, regular giving to which we commit each week or month. Jesus said that Christian giving is as important as prayer for our spiritual growth and the Bible teaches about proportional giving and tithing. St Paul wrote:

“On the first day of the week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his income, saving it for the work of the Church.” (1 Corinthians 16:2)

What we give is between us and God, but God expects us each to take our share of responsibility. The Church of England suggests that we give 5% of our income.

Practically, stewardship also provides us with a regular income which helps us to budget and balance our books. Good financial management also means that we can plan ahead and realise our plans and aspirations for the future.

Please take time to read our new Stewardship Leaflet.


How can you give?

There are two ways of giving through our planned giving scheme:

  • Giving by Standing Order is our preferred method of giving. This is our preferred method of giving. Payments allow you to plan your giving directly from you bank and you don’t have to worry about having the correct change on a Sunday!
  • Alternatively you can give through our Envelope Scheme. We provide you with an orange envelope for each week of the year. You put your envelop with your offering in the collection on Sundays.

If you would like to join our planned giving scheme, please fill in this Planned Giving Form and return to Patrick Rackow.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid allows churches to recover 25p of every £1 that you give. This boosts your offering by a quarter. If you are a higher rate taxpayer you can claim back the difference between higher and lower rate tax on the amount given.

If you are a UK taxpayer let your giving work harder for the parish. If you wish ti give regularly, please fill in an enduring gift aid form.  For single donations, please fill in a one off gift aid form. Forms should be returned to Patrick Rackow.

For more information on any aspect of finance and giving at St Mary Magdalene, please contact our Treasurer, Patrick Rackow.