We welcome all people to our church, wherever you are on your journey of faith. We encourage reflection, question and discussion to help us explore and deepen our Christian faith. We strive to reach the needs of our congregation, the local community and beyond.

Growing In Faith

Faith is not just about coming to a belief in God and Jesus Christ. It is about exploring our faith and the implications of that faith for our own lives, our society and our world. Everyone’s journey of faith is personal and we are each at different stages on that journey. At St Mary Magdalene we offer several opportunities to learn about our faith. Please see the calendar for upcoming events.

Exploring Faith

Once every two years we run a course aimed at those who are new to Christianity or feel like they need to refresh their knowledge of our faith. It is an opportunity to join with others to learn about and reflect on the key elements of our faith.

Deepening Faith

There are several opportunities for members of our parish to explore and deepen our faith.  Once a year, usually during Lent,  we offer a course exploring different aspects of faith, from widening our understanding of different parts of the Bible to considering how best to integrate faith and lived experience.

Home Groups

We currently have five Home Groups and almost half our adult congregation belongs to one of the groups.  These groups meet approximately once a month (some during the day, some in the evening) to discuss experiences of faith and to enjoy each other’s company.  Each group is led by a member of the congregation and sets its own agenda.  Topics being covered include modules of the Pilgrim Course and St John’s Gospel.

Book Group

Each school term we read a different book about theology or the Church. The group meets to discuss the book over a glass of wine. Recent titles include Learning to Dance by Michael Mayne and God has a Dream by Desmond Tutu.