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Holy Communion before Confirmation

In 2013, St Mary Magdalene decided to follow a growing number of churches who admit children to Holy Communion before confirmation.  In the past it was considered normal for children to receive communion for the first time on the occasion of their confirmation.  The Church has increasingly, although not exclusively,  come to believe that this has not been helpful in making children, especially younger children, feel like they belong in church communities.

We now offer an annual opportunity for children from the age of 7 to follow a course that prepares them to be formally admitted to Communion in a special service.

Can my child receive communion at St Mary Magdalene?

We believe that the Eucharist is open to all, including children.  All children are welcome to receive Holy Communion at St Mary Magdalene if they (1) are confirmed, (2) have been formally prepared to receive Holy Communion before confirmation at St Mary Magdalene or (3) have been formally prepared to receive Holy Communion before confirmation in another parish.

My child has not been confirmed or admitted to Holy Communion?

If your child is aged 7 or over, s/he is able to follow a course of preparation.  You first need to have a discussion with your child about whether s/he would like to receive communion.  It is important that your child’s own opinion is valued.  You should also discuss this with the Vicar who will be able to offer help and advice to you and your child.  Click to see Policy and Procedure.

What is the course of preparation like?

We prepare children for communion once a year.  The dates will be announced in advance.  The course of preparation usually takes place on a Sunday afternoon.  It lasts for five weeks leading up to the service of admission plus one session later in the year.  We work through a range of activities and discussions which focus on important aspects and themes of Holy Communion.  We also expect at least one parent or carer to attend the course with their child.

What do I need to do next?

As soon as the dates of the next preparation is announced, you and your child will need to fill in the our application form and return it to the Vicar.