We welcome all people to our church, wherever you are on your journey of faith. We encourage reflection, question and discussion to help us explore and deepen our Christian faith. We strive to reach the needs of our congregation, the local community and beyond.

Pre-School Children


We recognise that it can be a challenge brining babies and very small children to church, but both are very welcome at St Mary Magdalene – where we have lots, especially during the 10am service!

The important thing is that you and your child should feel as comfortable as possible. We are used to very small children making lots of noise.

If your child becomes restless or needs feeding/changing, then the Vestry (back of the Church on the right) is a private and quiet area fitted with carpet, and with toys and a changing mat available. There is a speaker fitted in the room so you can still follow the service. There is also a baby changing table in the toilet adjacent to the kitchen in the church hall.

We hope to improve our facilities for very small children in the near future.

Beginners Group (from around 2-5)

When your child needs a little more stimulation, you are welcome to bring them into the Beginners Group. The Beginners session starts at the beginning of the service and the children join the congregation in time to receive Communion.

The children in this group listen to a story and do some related drawing and colouring. This helps children become familiar with some of the most important Christian stories.

As parents and carers you are very welcome to stay with your children to make sure that they are relaxed and comfortable. As they get older, however, they may be confident to stay on their own, allowing you to participate in the main service.

You will be able to collect your child when you come to the altar for Communion. The group is available every Sunday, including Christmas Day.