John Rutter - A Ukrainian Prayer

John Rutter - A Ukrainian Prayer

A Ukrainian Prayer

John Rutter's response to a global tragedy premieres @SMM


During our hugely successful singing day 2 weeks ago SMM was honoured to be the venue to premiere John Rutter's newest work.

Britain’s best-loved choral composer, has written a piece in response to the invasion of Ukraine.   The new work,
A Ukrainian Prayer, uses words known to Ukrainians around the world.   Its sombre and sonorous soundworld contrasts strikingly with the memorably melodic carols which have made Rutter a household name. 

“How can a composer respond to a global tragedy?   I suppose by writing music: like everybody I have been shocked and dismayed by the events of recent days,” says the composer known for his carols, anthems and larger-scale choral works.  “The first thing I wanted to do was write music that would respond in my own way.”  

Speaking about this premiere at St Mary Magdalene, Rutter explained, “I had the opportunity to put it together at very short notice with this wonderful group of 300 people at a Singing Day in south London. I hope it speaks in terms which reach out to the Ukrainian people in their hour of need.”

The English translation of the Ukrainian words of the new piece are, “Good Lord protect the Ukraine.  Give her strength, courage, faith and hope.  Amen.”

Please click on the links below to view the recording of this new piece at SMM and also to read more on John Rutters website.