We welcome all people to our church, wherever you are on your journey of faith. We encourage reflection, question and discussion to help us explore and deepen our Christian faith. We strive to reach the needs of our congregation, the local community and beyond.

Mission Action Plan 2012-2016

Following the publication of the Shaping Our Future report in May 2011 and the subsequent feedback from members of the congregation, the PCC agreed that a working group should draft a plan for the work of the church over the coming years. At the meeting on 11th January 2012, the PCC voted to adopt the proposed Mission Action Plan. The PCC also voted to adopt a statement entitled Who Are We? This is a statement about the identity of Saint Mary Magdalene to be used on a wide range of communications.

Statement – Who Are We?

This following statement is for use on a number of parish communications including the website, welcome leaflets, other leaflets (e.g. door drops) and posters. As a statement of identity, we should be able to relate all that we do in the parish back to this statement.

“Saint Mary Magdalene, Wandsworth Common is a Church of England parish in the Diocese of Southwark. We welcome all people and value them for who they are. We support each other wherever we are on our journey of faith. We recognise that belief in God may raise as many questions and challenges as it provides answers. We encourage reflection, questioning and discussion to help us explore and deepen our Christian faith. We strive to look inwards and outwards to reach the needs of our congregation, the local community and beyond.”

The Plan

The feedback from the congregation on Shaping the Future showed that most people agreed that we should focus on the ten priorities for the parish outlined in the report. These ten priorities are that Saint Mary Magdalene should:

1. improve internal and external communication;
2. hold regular teaching and nurture programmes;
3. give greater priority to stewardship;
4. develop at least one of our outreach groups;
5. set up a parish office and employ a parish administrator;
6. run trials of different worship patterns and hold a worship review;
7. restructure our committees;
8. develop our baptism policy and preparation;
9. review the future use and layout of our buildings;
10. hold a consultation on the admission of children to communion before confirmation.

The Mission Action Plan shows how work on these priorities will be phased over the coming years. In summary:

By the end of 2012 we will have:

  • Launched a new parish website;
  • Reviewed our external signage and developed proposals for replacements;
  • Improved our internal communication – pew sheet, magazine and internal notice boards;
  • Run the first of a bi-annual ‘Christian Basics’ course;
  • Begun to explore other opportunities for Christian education and nurture;
  • Reviewed the material used in Junior Church groups;
  • Reviewed our crèche facilities and support for infants;
  • Developed a clear Stewardship strategy for 2012-14;
  • Decorated and equipped the Parish Office;
  • Set up a working group to develop a new role of Parish Administrator;
  • Undertaken a comprehensive review of all parish worship;
  • Implemented a new committee structure to include a Buildings, Finance and General Purposes Group and a Mission, Worship and Spirituality Group;
  • Developed and implemented a parish baptism policy;
  • Agreed a 10-year maintenance plan for the church buildings.

By the end of 2013 we will have:

  • New external notice boards;
  • Completed our review of parish communications;
  • Established a clear structure to our teaching and nurture programmes;
  • Explored opportunities to develop our work with older children and teenagers;
  • Recruited and employed a Parish Administrator;
  • Held a consultation on the admission of children and a subsequent PCC vote;
  • Implemented any changes resulting from the review of parish worship in 2012;
  • Reviewed the music used in worship;
  • Planned a review of our church buildings to be undertaken in 2014.

By the end of 2014 we will have:

  • Explored the possibility of employing a part-time youth worker;
  • Reviewed our Stewardship strategy and implemented any changes;
  • Sought opportunities to expand and/or develop at least one of our outreach programmes;
  • Held a comprehensive review of the layout and use of all our church buildings;
  • Developed a long-term plan for the sustainable use of our church buildings;
  • Begun a programme to educate and admit children to communion (depending on the outcome of the consultation and vote in 2013);
  • Celebrated everything that has been achieved between 2012 and 2014;
  • Held a major review of our Mission Action Plan and established the major priorities for 2015-2016.

During 2015 and 2016 we will:

  • Consolidate the changes made during 2012-2014;
  • Hold further reviews of our communications, worship, teaching and nurture and stewardship;
  • Continue to explore opportunities to develop our parish outreach programmes;
  • Develop plans for a Parish Mission event to be held in 2016.